How to ask a “good” question?

I just read yet another post on “How to ask a good question in a Tarot reading”.

Apparently, asking: Will my boyfriend come back? is no good, because it’s a ‘closed’ question – the answer is ‘yes, or ‘no’. The author of the post in question doubts that “you would be very satisfied with either of those!”

What is the matter with this blogger / tarot reader? How about using some imagination?

Can’t she look at the cards that come up and expand on the answer? Yes he will come back because this card means this and this, but this reversed card in the future is telling you not to do this or to expect that such and such is going to happen.

Or, No he’s not coming back because this card indicates this and this and you wouldn’t be happy because of that and that.


Apparently, too, What is the outlook for my boyfriend coming back? is a better question. It certainly lets the reader off the hook as she doesn’t have to give a straight answer.

Rant over.


One Response to How to ask a “good” question?

  1. Kate says:

    Hi John,
    I like your down-to-earth approach very much! I also think, that people usually know what question they want to ask and there is no reason to persuade them, that they need something else (or something else would be actually better for them).
    I also enjoyed your discussion with Mary Greer on her blog in March. Although I respect and appreciate MKG very much, at this particular point I share your view. I’m pretty sure, that if I was asked simple, practical question by a querent and if I offered some complicated psychological analysis I would be immediately reminded about what the nitty-gritty of the question was.
    I am looking forward to some next posts on your blog!

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