It’s ok to be wrong.

It’s ok to be wrong.

That’s it. Relax.

If you get a reputation for being always right, people will start worshipping you and putting you on a pedestal. While the adulation and praise might be attractive, it will be your downfall.

So the next time someone asks a question that could use a Yes-No answer, why not take the plunge and answer it the best you can there and then? You’ll probably be right, but if you’re not, that’s too bad – but there can be good reasons for this outcome.

Being right all the time is reserved for the Supreme Being, so that should take the pressure off us.


2 Responses to It’s ok to be wrong.

  1. Rohini says:

    HaHa! I like that about the Supreme Being.

    But could it also be that the querent is not supposed to get a correct answer? I mean, do you believe in that sort of thing?


    • johnballantrae says:

      Rohini wrote:

      >also be that the querent is not supposed to get a correct answer

      I think the default is that the questioner gets a correct answer, though there may be exceptions, or we have to figure out the exceptions. Thinking that something “is not meant to be” or “is not supposed to happen” can too often be an excuse for not trying, or is the thought of a defeated mind. We are in life, or LIFE, with all its possibilities and we ought to fill each day with living.

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