If you’d like to learn the Horoscope Spread

If you have an interest in doing Horoscope Spreads, read on.

I recorded a 58-minute audio track describing and explaining how to make sense of a Horoscope Spread. It’s a bonus for those who bought the Tarot Home Study Course. They also get four other audio-visual files – two on the Signs of the zodiac (63 minutes), and two on the Houses of the horoscope (57 minutes).

However, I made an 11-minute excerpt and put it as the first item in the Recent Additions section part-way down the Home page at http://www.thetarot.ca. You are invited to have a listen.

Horoscope Spreads are fantastic, and will give you answers to any question you may care to ask. From: What should I do for a living? (examine the 2nd, 6th and 10th cards), to: Will my third child’s wife have children of her own? (examine the 7th card). It is all explained in the audio.


John Ballantrae


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