If you’re interested in this, email me.

June 29, 2010

I’d like to build a reference section featuring actual readings that people have done, but that they found tricky or puzzling in some way.

For those who might be interested in a second opinion, as it were, about one of their readings, I have a proposal.

Email me – bllntr@yahoo.com – the question, the layout and the cards that came up in the reading. I’d like some input about what you made of the spread, or what sort of interpretation you gave.

Then, via video, audio or text, I’d add some comments or suggest a solution if you were drawing a blank.

I think this would be a useful resource, allowing others to sit in on a reading, so to speak, and follow the logic, without themselves having to contribute on the spot.


Reading The Tarot – Beyond Journalling

June 27, 2010

People usually tell you that a good way to learn to read cards is to pick one a day or one a week, and think about what it means, keeping your ideas in some sort of Journal.

It sounds like a good idea, but I could never make it work. I’d try and try, and feel guilty that I wasn’t doing it right.

However, the exercise discussed here encourages you to think of a question first, and then pick a card – or rather to keep picking cards to answer the same question. It’s a lot easier because you now have a context in which to understand the card.

The audio file is a bit under 30 minutes long.

Which is the best Tarot deck?

June 23, 2010

I just uploaded a new video to YouTube – Which is the best Tarot deck? The direct link is below:

Comparing the Church of Light, the Thoth, and the Rider decks to see which one can be read by someone who does NOT have specialized knowledge of the Kaballah, astrology, the Tree of Life, etc.

This means that the questioner is going to be able to contribute and to participate more in the reading, since he or she will be able to make something of the illustration. This is a good thing.

Free reading with purchase of Tarot course

June 4, 2010

Some of you may know that I put together a comprehensive Tarot Home Study Course. There is a video for each of the 78 cards, as well as separate videos on Court Cards, exercises, The Suits, The Celtic Cross, and so on. There are 94 videos in total (about 24 hours of instruction), as well as separate mp3 files of the audio that may be burned to cd or added to ipods.

The format is the same as in the YouTube videos – the camera is focused on a card or cards on the table – but the content is new and different. There is more emphasis on giving examples of what cards would mean when they answer particular questions.

For the month of June, and in the Spirit of Giving, I will do a free reading – now, or whenever you feel like it – for anyone who buys the Course.

There is a ‘Buy Now’ ($49 US plus shipping) paypal button at http://www.thetarot.ca, as well as a short introductory video about the Course.

Send your question(s) to bllntr@yahoo.com and I’ll email you back an answer as an mp3.