One way the Tarot can save your life.

Since so many Tarot questions are about relationships, it is worth considering why we need people, and what they are in our lives for.

There’s love and company and companionship, of course.

Edgar Cayce points out, however, that: The faults we see in others are our own faults.

This is true. So when we get worked up about, or overly upset by someone else’s behaviour, and if we still have enough self-possession to remember his point, then we won’t blindly be led by our own knee-jerk reaction and blame or criticise the other. Our opinion of him or her may be accurate, but it is also irrelevant. We can’t change people to suit ourselves.

On the other hand, if we can turn the spotlight onto our own self at moments of emotional charge or crisis, we will discover that our image of ourselves is skewed or unrealistic or incorrect in some way that we ignored – or hadn’t wanted to acknowledge.

So, we see bad driving every day and we generally ignore it. When we react strongly, however, and get worked up about other drivers’ behaviour, that is the sign that our own driving isn’t as wonderful as we think it is. At such times, we benefit if we get the point and focus on driving more carefully – and thank those idiot drivers for re-directing our attention to where it can do some good.

Seeing and accepting the truth brings peace, and relief, and release from the grip of the emotion or the over-reaction.

If we learn a lesson, we won’t have to repeat the experience (again and again and again until we get the point).

So with people: there’s no reason why anything that anyone says should upset you, and if it does, you’re seeing yourself but not recognizing what is going on.

Turn your attention onto you; figure out what you can and should be learning about yourself. This way lies freedom. The alternative is continuing to go round in circles, cursing a world of your own making.


One Response to One way the Tarot can save your life.

  1. Julie Lapworth says:

    I love all your stuff but this, this was everything I needed to hear at this point in my life.
    Thank you

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