Good advice; or is it?

We probably all give and receive what passes for “good advice“.

So, “looking before you leap” is likely a good thing. It makes sense to think matters through, rather than throwing oneself blindly into the known or the unknown. Being careful in this way can prevent a lot of problems, and save you time and wasted effort. This is ok.

However, some people are overly cautious. If we advise looking before leaping here, we may be encouraging the person to delay beyond a sensible point. We may be contributing to even-greater paralysis, which might be ok, but life is for living, is it not? Can we, as Rudyard Kipling suggets we should:

… fill the unforgiving minute, with sixty seconds’ worth of distance run?

With this in mind, pause when you turn a card, and say nothing for a few seconds or longer to let your greater intelligence present a lot or a little information to the conscious mind.

When you turn a card, it isn’t really just a trigger for the reader to show how much he or she knows. or to talk about something that they happen to find exciting at the time.

The reader might remember that a card is part of an answer to someone else’s question – that may not be the kind of question the reader would ever ask.  Yet it is important enough to the person who asked. We are the reader first, and not automatically the all-wise, all-knowing expert.

John Ballantrae for The Tarot Home Study Course
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