How reading cards is like playing a round of golf.

I have never played golf, but I’ve seen it on tv and have a general idea of what is involved.

Let’s say the golf ball is 145 yards from the hole, and you know you can reach the green with one shot. The club you choose and how you swing it will depend on many small decisions – the ball may be lying on short grass or long; or on pine needles beneath a tree; or in a sand trap; there may be a strong cross-wind or no wind at all; humidity may be a factor to consider.

Someone asks: Will I marry?, and you turn the 6 of Coins. The card is a bit like the golf ball mentioned in the previous paragraph – you know what it is and generally what to do with it. Yes, you’ve seen the card before, but if we consider that each moment is unique, then you probably haven’t played that card before for that questioner at that part of the reading, preceded by other particular cards.

So. Can you interpret the card, using your knowledge, as if you had never seen it before, yet you still know what to do?

The golfer never played that ball from that exact spot in the same weather conditions, yet can still play a great shot.

Can you take the symbolism of the card and interpret it in connection with, not just the question asked, but as well as the point you are at in the reading? It could be the first card, so you need to give some background information or emphasize certain parts of the picture. It could be part-way through the reading, so you don’t need to say as much because you have already given a basis for understanding with earlier cards.

If you were to look at a card and resist the temptation to assume you already know what it “means” – from something you memorized in a book, or from past experience – what new insights would you have? A lot of them, I suspect. You will probably be closer to giving a personalized answer that makes more sense to the questioner – and have a new confidence in your ability to read cards. For More.


2 Responses to How reading cards is like playing a round of golf.

  1. Biddy Tarot says:

    Interesting take on a Tarot reading!

    That’s what I love about Tarot – you never know what card will show up where, and every time it does show up in a different position, there’s always a different meaning. As Tarot readers, we need to not only know 78 Tarot card meanings, but we need to know how these relate to every facet of life.

    • johnballantrae says:

      Dear Biddy:
      Thanks for your comment – it is like a breath of fresh Tarot air. I’m headig back to your site for a longer look.

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