Can’t we just answer people’s questions as they ask them?

Why can’t we just answer people’s questions as they ask them?

Someone might want to know: When will I get married?

The reader might not want to give a date; or might might feel more comfortable looking at the dynamics of relationships for that person.

But the questioner wants to know, rightly or wrongly: When will I get married? In the end, it’s not about the reader, so why not say: It’s not my speciality, but let’s see what we can do.

Will you be married within one year?
Pick a card and read it. Upright means Yes; reversed means No. The card shows the reasons.

The Emperor reversed: No, you won’t be married within a year, because you want someone strong and forceful and you haven’t met him yet. Or you meet someone who is too strong and too pushy, and you find it doesn’t suit you. Either way, the questioner is going to recognize the person, so you’ve given enough information without taking away the questioner’s ability to enjoy or learn from what will happen between them.

Within two years? 3 of Cups. Yes, you will be married within two years. So there’s at least one relationship that doesn’t go well enough before you meet the right person. Marriage looks good and happy and cooperative with a lot to enjoy and celebrate, so you and your extended family get along well. The atmosphere of the card is a good match with a happy and fulfilling relationship.

Will marriage have taken place by the winter of that year? Knight of Batons, upright. Yes and with this card, you can be considering travel plans, or going back to school for better qualifications. It could be a destination wedding.

Backing up a little in time: Will marriage have taken place by the fall of that year? Queen of Swords, reversed. No, it won’t. Why not? Perhaps to fit the plans of an older woman – a mother of one of the people? It could be some battle-axe of an older woman who is against the marriage, but the first Yes card is the 3 of Cups and is friendly, so let’s assume that the couple won’t have to overcome strong objections to the marriage. If the Yes card had been the King of Swords, then this reversed Queen would have told a different story.

So: Wil you get married? Yes, near the end of a year from now.

Some people just want a general picture of future conditions with, ideally, something to look forward to. It may not be what we are looking for or would be content with; but the reading is for and about the questioner, and not about us.


2 Responses to Can’t we just answer people’s questions as they ask them?

  1. Dan D. says:

    Hey John, excellent post. I’ve never thought of making yes or no things as simple as upright and reversed. I’m wondering how much success you’ve had using this method of narrowing dates down. It reminds me of Bob Barker saying “higher” or “lower” on the Price is Right until you finally get it right. I will try this out for sure. I also saw your method of shuffling on Youtube and I really like how you flip the middle pile upside down.

    • johnballantrae says:

      Dear Dan:

      Thanks for your comment. I have found that the method works well. If you are familiar with decanates (ten degree portions of the signs of the zodiac) you can do some quite useful things with getting dates relating to minor trumps. I’ve had good results with that method.

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