How to ruin someone’s life with Tarot cards

And when will I meet him? the querent asked.

Shuffle, shuffle; pick a card. At the end of August.

Oops. I should have kept my mouth shut, I thought, as I could see that the questioner was already imagining the circumstances of the meeting: what he would be wearing, what she would be wearing, what they would say to each other, what the weather would be like, where they would meet. Et cetera.

August came and went, and there was no meeting.

Or maybe there was, but the questioner didn’t or couldn’t recognize it because it didn’t match or fit the picture that – in her needy way at the time of asking – she had, not so much created, but rather had conjured up.

This is how you can ruin someone’s life with Tarot cards.

Giving dates is ok, I think, and sometimes people need to know so they can make other decisions. You have to be careful about the questioner, though. This is one reason I like the Celtic Cross, because it also shows the kind of person you are answering questions for, so you can make a judgement about what to say and what to leave out.

Search YouTube for johnballantrae001 and watch my 50+ Tarot videos.


3 Responses to How to ruin someone’s life with Tarot cards

  1. tabithadial says:

    Amazing resource. Keep up the writing, John.

    I apologize for not getting to your blog a month ago. I’ve been busy reorganizing my life the last six weeks, and unfortunately, that meant a lot less internet time.

    I’m enjoying the online resources available at my local library and wish you the very best of luck. Because I’m not at home, I’ve only given you a glance but I intend to read you in more depth when I have a better internet connection at home.

    Best to you,

  2. I have been looking around and really am impressed by the amazing content here. I work the nightshift at my job and it really gets boring. I’ve been coming here for the previous couple nights and reading. I just needed to let you know that I’ve been enjoying what I’ve seen and I look forward to reading more.

    • johnballantrae says:

      Hello, and thanks for your comment. If you would like a post or two on a particular area or some aspect of the Tarot, just le know know and I’ll put it together. It will be worth it if it helps relieve the boredom.

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