The Questioner and The Quest

The Tarot will give an answer to a question.

You might like to think of the questioner as being on a quest – a bit like a hero on a journey. Think of movies and stories. The hero is presented with a challenge; they don’t want to do it for some reason, but change their mind; they fight and they win against the odds. Frodo, in the end, took the ring to Mordor.

There are certain tasks to be completed as well as possible; there may be an end-point to reach; there may be a weakness that has to be overcome; there may be reluctance on the part of the questioner to undertake the quest in the first place.

With this in mind, you, the reader, can have a way of looking at and describing the cards in the answer. What kind of task is shown by the card; how can he or she complete it; is there a card that shows a weakness to be overcome, and how is this to be done; does one or more cards show that the questioner is reluctant to do what is required.

If you think about the spread as showing a quest, you can help the questioner become a successful hero in a story of their own making.


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