Update on the Tarot Home Study Course

Some of you will know that I am putting together a Tarot Home Study Course. This post will update you on my progress.

I am making a series of new videos that will provide information about the Rider deck cards and how to read them. There will be videos on:

  • all 78 cards, treated individually
  • 14 vidoes on the four Kings, the four Queens, etc. through to the four Aces
  • 4 vidoes on the suits considered individually
  • several videos showing exercises so you can get to know the cards better
  • videos demonstrating different spreads: Yes-No; Celtic Cross; Horoscope Spread; a special 9-card spread
  • videos with some sample readings incorporating information derived from the pictures

I am anticipating about 110 – 120 videos on dvds or cds.  I expect the cost will be $49 because I have to pay bills, but want to make it affordable for all.

I am looking at the pictures on the cards and doing something with what is there.You don’t need to know astrology, numerology, the Kaballah or any other occult system; you don’t need to translate the symbolism into some other symbolism.

I am saying that the Tarot is like poetry – and as with poetry, you can see more in it and get more from it each time you read it.

A picture might remind you of a line from Shakespeare, or the lyrics of JOhn Lesson, or Grandmaster Flash or Eminem. The Tarot is for us all.

I’ve recorded about 55 videos up until the time of posting.


2 Responses to Update on the Tarot Home Study Course

  1. makitarot says:

    This sounds great! Will you be able to send dvds out of Canada? (to Europe for example) 🙂

  2. johnballantrae says:

    Yes. The course costs $49 US, and shipping is $9 for the US, and $11 for the rest of the world. Somehow it costs less to send a set by airmail to Australia than it does to just outside Peterborough, Ontario – about a one hour drive from here.

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