A quick and easy method for reading cards

A quick and easy method for reading cards.

I’m not sure if quick and easy really belongs with reading cards. You should take your time, and you will probably have to do some serious or hard thinking to relate cards to questions. However, this information may help you make a start with a reading.

You know the question; the deck has been shuffled; the cards are face-down on the table.

Turn the first card and ask yourself if you are happy or sad to see that card. Then tell the questioner why.

So, someone might ask what will happen with a relationship. The first card might be the 2 of Cups, so you say: This is a good card for this question because of this and this; it shows … etc.

You will find that as you explain why this is a good card, the questioner will understand and be able to relate what you are saying to the answer to the question.

On the other hand, the first card might be The Devil, reversed, so you say: I don’t like this card because … Or: This isn’t a good card here because it shows … Or: I’m not happy seeing this card because...

Using this approach means:

  • you can talk in a knowledgeable way
  • you don’t have to use meanings you memorized but that don’t quite fit the question
  • you can tell stories that the questioner can relate to
  • you can discuss the picture on the card so the questioner’s imagination and understanding are stimulated so they are better informed after the reading
  • you can discuss how you would handle a situation and the questioner can agree and follow your lead, or come up with a variation on what you would do

Try it; you’ll like it; and so will the questioner.


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